Saturday, March 31, 2007

Finley ate a bug yesterday. She didn't swallow it, just chewed it. Usually I keep the floor bug free, but we've been having tons of "gal-nippers" (yes, that's what we call them) in the house. They fly in and then die behind the furniture and I never know they were here. Finley found one and ate it. Taking a bug out of her mouth was just about too much for me.

Jonah is a bug mad man. He catches them to put inside his "bug habitat." Yesterday, he caught 2 gal-nippers, a caterpillar, a june bug and 2 identical beatles with orange stripes. They were apparently husband and wife, because I "walked in on them" last night. You know, that's the kind of thing you see on nature shows, but it's just not something you want to see up close, in your own house. No thank you, bugs.

Then, this morning, we found a dead bunny on or door mat, compliments of our cat Henry. I just switched his food last week to a "senior" formula (he's 8 years old) and I guess he really likes his new food so he brought me a dead bunny as a thank you. Either that, or I'm not feeding him enough. It was raining, so Todd left the bunny there until he could dispose of it. We went out later, and all that was left was a BUNNY HEAD and a few tufts of fur.

Finley ate a clump of dirt off the floor today. I know it sounds like my floor is dirty but it's really not. We had JUST walked in the house and the dirt must have come off Jonah's shoes. Finley found it almost immediately, before I had a chance to pick it up. I don't think she liked it.

Jonah said "dammit" yesterday. He heard it on a Spiderman cartoon! He had no idea what it meant. He thought it was a beam at a construction site. He said, "Daddy, Spiderman thought that dammit was about to fall and hurt those people." So Todd had to tell him it was a bad word. Later, he said to me, "Mommy, did you know dammit was a bad word?" Then, "They said dammit on Spiderman." Then, "I know some words that rhyme with dammit....jammit, blammit, dammit!"

Can you believe they still show "McGee and Me?" Jonah's watching it right now. Maybe he won't learn any more dirty words from that.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today was a LONG day.
Jonah started waking up at about 5:30 am. Probably because he was really excited about his school field trip to Brookshire Brothers Fresh Market today.
Todd was out the door by 7:00 and on his way to College Station to meet with Ross King.
I dropped Jonah off at school, where I talked to Mrs. Mary Jane about his trip to the office. Apparently he's been pushing and yelling at the other kids. Yikes.
Finley and I went to Target to get her a replacement shirt for the one that got mildew on it in the laundry a couple of days ago. My mom bought the original shirt and I didn't want her to know it got mildewed, so I bought a secret replacement.
While we were there, Finley got her arm caught in the buggy. I couldn't get it out! And I couldn't take her out of the buggy because she was stuck. I actually felt a little panicky. I had to get a Target worker to help me get her arm out. She was fine.
When I got home, I had a message on my machine from the realtor, saying they wanted to show my house today at 5:00. I've let the house slide just a little because we haven't had a showing in a week and a half. So I had to do some super fast cleaning to get it all ship-shape for the realtor. I always think really irrational things while I'm cleaning for a showing..."Maybe I could paint those baseboards in Jonah's room real quick," or,"Maybe I could replace that bathroom faucet with the new one we bought 4 years ago but never installed." Idiot!
I picked Jonah up from school and we all went to Sonic. I got to hear all about his trip to the grocery store, the highlight of which was a lesson about sea food. Someone named Pat showed them an "octopus just laying there, for eating." I never knew our local Brookshire's carried octopus... but then I've never been in the market for one. He also saw lobster tails, shrimp and a giant black fish with 2 eyes.
Since we couldn't be home while the house was being shown (twice, it turns out) we went to my mom's to wait for Todd to get home. This took FOREVER! Finally he got there and delivered a FreeBird's burrito to me. (Special ordered by me 3 hours earlier.)
After we got home, Jonah brought me a little bouquet he picked. SWEET! I truly think he is the most gorgeous little boy I've ever seen.
See how long this blog is, and I've left out most of the day! That just shows what a long day it really was. Finally the kids are asleep, and Todd is out for a walk, which is really just a cover for calling all his friends to give them a recap of his day with Ross.
I'm so tired. And it's not even 9:30 yet.
But Todd's day off is tomorrow! And he's taking 2 days off next week! (Or so he says. I'll believe when I see it.)
My final thought: Why is Dr. Pepper so good?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Here are some of the highlights of my day:

Todd told Jonah this morning that he was going to whip him so hard he would cry all night.

I went to the bank to withdraw the THOUSANDS of dollars I got from my tax refund. And it really was thousands. Usually we have to pay in. I'm thrilled!

I took my car to get it washed and vacuumed (not by me, by a professional.) They found an OLD sippy cup of chocolate milk under the seat. I mean really OLD. Like maybe a year. Maybe more. It was a Chuck-E-Cheese cup.

I decided to get a tattoo. I think. I looked and looked online for one I liked but couldn't find one. I've always wanted one. I used to be too scared of the pain, but after you have kids, nothing seems quite as painful as it used to. My plan is to reward myself with a tattoo when I reach my weight loss goal. Like that will ever happen. I guess I need to think more positively. It WILL happen! And SOON! (I just mentally added, Yeah, right, to that. Oops.)

I picked Jonah up from school only to learn he had been sent TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE! For cutting in line! That doesn't seem that bad to me, but probably he's not telling me everything. He told me "all the words had gone out of his mind" when I tried to get some more info.

For the first time ever, Finley went to bed without taking a bottle. She did drink milk from a sippy cup (or, as she would say, a bup) , but NO bottle. I was secretly really sad about it.

I watched LOST, where I saw the terrible truth about John Locke.

I read the plot outline of the movie DEAD SILENCE. I was terrified by the commercial, and the plot outline is just as terrifiying. I mean, it's got possessed ventriloquist dummies in it. THERE IS NOTHING SCARIER TO ME! Plus people with their tongues cut out. When I saw the commercial for the first time, I almost cried. I hate those little dummies! I think one of the worst ones is that Charlie McCarthy doll, the one with the little monacle on his eye and the top hat. Once I saw a Fantasy Island episode where one came to life. No thank you.

And now here I am, blogging away. I'm pretty sure no one but Todd reads this, so I've decided this blog is just for me. Nothing thought provoking or philosophical, no trying to be cute or clever. Just me. Todd, hello. You don't have to comment. You can just tell me your comment in person.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I've been having some really weird and vivid dreams lately. Let me share... (by the way, I was made fun of a lot when I was younger for making my family sit and listen to VERY LONG and VERY DETAILED accounts of my dreams.) Night before last I dreamed I got into a really big fight with my sister-in-law because she made fun of me for wearing capri pants with mary jane style pumps and no socks. I said, "Rudeness!" to her and she stuck her tongue out at me. Last night I dreamed that I was chosen to be the personal assistant of some TV executive (played by that guy on Studio 60, one of the head guys but not Chandler, the other one) and he picked me up every day at my mom's house and she was very suspicious of his motives. My dreams always seem to be a pretty much real world situations. I hardly ever have fantastical type dreams, like my dad. He dreams stuff like, he sees an old lady in a bad wig and a red dress, and she walks like a marionette puppet. She's telekenetic and she sends a machete flying at him. Or once he dreamed that a giant turtle came up on the porch and ate his brother and both of his grandparents. He hit it with a switch and the turtle spit them all out, unharmed.
My husband, Todd, frequently dreams about crimes being committed. My son, Jonah, dreams a lot about turning into animals, or about inanimate objects talking. My question to you: what are frequent themes of your dreams, or what "type" of dreams do you frequently have? Share one, or many, with us.

Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm having the worst time remembering my username and password for the new blogger. I keep trying to post comments and then after I get them all typed, I can't post them because I can't remember my sign in stuff. Pathetic. Obviously I remembered them just moments ago.
Well, we've put a contract on another house, so we're getting ready to sell ours. Lots of menial type work involved. I'm sure you can all guess how thrilled Todd is about that part of it. We burned leaves outside today and someone called the cops on us. (Turns out we were irritating the asthma of one of our neighbors.) While the cop was there I tried to block his view of the expired tags on our car. Hope no cops are reading this.
Speaking of cops, I was witness to a shoplifting incident today. I went into the Dollar Store at Chestnut Village for some Clorox Bleach. I was about to pay when the clerk asked the lady two behind me in line what was under her jacket. It turned out to be her purse. Now, I'll admit that it's odd to wear a jacket over your purse. The clerk then said she'd have to see what was in the lady's purse. A heated argument followed. I was tempted to take my bleach and run. The lady in question, plus her accomplice who was right behind me, took off. The clerk took off after them. Anyway, she didn't catch them but they called 911. I was scared, man!