Friday, April 20, 2007

Yesterday, we went to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. Jonah had never been there before, and he loved that they had a bucket of peanuts on every table, and you could put the shells right on the floor. He didn't eat a lot of peanuts, but he did put a lot of shells on the floor. Imagine that. Then, when Todd took him to wash his hands before we left, on the way back to the table, he grabbed peanuts out of the buckets on every table that they passed. I think Todd was walking in front so he didn't notice until it was too late. I'm just glad he didn't grab food off other people's plates.

Today, Finley walked down the hall to Jonah's room. Up till now, she's taken maybe 5 steps at once, so it really surprised Todd and me. Then, when Todd went into Jonah's room to get her, he found her eating a piece of an old tortilla. I don't know how old it was, but it was old enough to be about as hard as a saltine cracker. How did she find it? I never even saw it in there. I guess I would have noticed it if I was 2 1/2 feet tall.

Yesterday was field day at Jonah's school. He had a great time. They had a big inflatable slide, face painting, sno cones, bubbles, play doh, sidewalk chalk, etc. (I was expecting a 100 yard dash or softball throw like we had at field day when I was a kid. But I guess preschoolers don't do that.)

The funniest part of field day was when, after everyone else had gone inside, Todd went down the big inflatable slide. He shouted, "Woooo! Yeah!" as he was going down, and then he tried to get off the slide. I think he was going to do one big bounce then pop up on his feet, but I heard him go, "WUH" and when I looked he had landed right on his rear. I don't think I've ever seen him look more surprised.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

This morning, in the span of about 1 hour, Finley broke a glass jar, a cereal bowl, and pulled a lamp off the end table. She's just gotten to the stage where she's getting into everything. It may seem like we weren't watching her, but we really were, except for one time when Todd and I were playing each other on Gamecube Marvel Nemesis. All the rest of the time we really were watching her. And the other day, she crawled out from under the table with a SPIDER on the end of her NOSE! At first I thought it was dead, because it was kind of rolled up into a ball, but when I flicked it off it started uncurling and moving around. Plus, it was my worst kind, those crabby looking ones with the set of long legs that look kind of like pinchers. I bet she tried to put it in her mouth, but it crawled right up onto her nose instead. Can you imagine?

We've had a bad turn of events on the whole house situation. The VERY DAY we finally signed a contract on the house we're supposed to buy, we found out our buyers want us to come down off the price of the house because of some things on the home inspection. Like $3000. We just couldn't do it. So we called our realtor and told her that, and when she relayed the message to their realtor, she said, "Well, can't they come down even $500?" The realty game is just beyond me. Honestly. So we said we could come down $500, but we haven't heard if they still want the house or not. The drama of all this is too much for poor little Todd. He doesn't like the wheeling and dealing of it all. He didn't even want to be in the room while I was on the phone talking about it.

Yesterday we went to Maw Maw's for dinner and the big easter egg hunt. Jonah is so funny hunting eggs. He is so busy talking he can't hunt eggs. And yesterday for some reason he wanted to hunt eggs in a cape. Later, I asked him why and he said, "Because I wanted to have a real live super hero easter egg...Um...I just wanted to look cool." Finley didn't really know what was going on, but we posed her and took her picture as if she was really hunting eggs. Every year I help hide the eggs and every year I hide them in the same place. Guess the kids will catch on eventually.

It snowed like crazy today. I mean, really really snowed (for Lufkin.) Jonah and I even had a little snowball fight. Jonah took complete credit for the snow. He said, "HA HA! My genius plan worked!" We let him play out there for quite a while, because he'll probably have kids of his own before it snows like that around here again. He stayed out too long, in fact. He knocked on the door (who knows why he doesn't just come right in, but he never does) and when I opened the door, he gave a little shriek and said, "I just peed my pants!" I think all the playing in the snow tired him out, because it's 7:00, and both the kids are in bed. (Ha ha...MY genius plan worked!)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Well, we sold our house. Almost. We have a signed contract and earnest money on it, and if they don't back out within the next 9 days it's a done deal. By the way, it's a CASH deal. Wow. I hope someday I'm able to pay CASH for a HOUSE. The house has been on the market for a month, and so for a month I have been racing around the house all day, inside and out, trying to keep it looking great. Not that easy with a 5 year old.

Jonah, on Sunday afternoon, came inside and told me he needed to potty. He has to have an escort to any part of the house that's not the living room. So I say let's go, but he wants to go outside. OK, just don't let anyone see you, I say. He comes back in to say there are people outside next door, and he just can seem to find a hidden spot. Can he go close to the carport, he asks. Yes, just don't get it on the car, I say. In a few minutes, he reports that the deed is done. He had, of course, peed right inside the carport, leaving a nice sized puddle right next to the doormat.

On an unrelated note, just a few minutes ago I took the trash out to the can and when I put the bag into the can some drops of moisture flew up and landed on my face. And in my hair. Not good. I'm sure my friend Lance would appreciate that story.

Another unrelated note: the other day my mom told me that a lady she works with admitted that every so often, she has to eat dirt. Literally. She gets a craving for it. But it has to be this specific dirt from Nacogdoches. Mom said she didn't remember that I used to eat paper as a child. She says she never knew. How could she not? Maybe I only did it at school. But I ate probably several packages of notebook paper as a child. (Not all at once, over several years.) If I ate a sucker, I would also eat the stick afterward. I didn't like the paper off of crayons. It had a weird taste. I found out my dad also ate paper. I hope I didn't give myself some disease that will show up later.