Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm sick. I've got a cold. Maybe. I don't really know what it is. I'm keeping hope alive that it's not the flu. Most people have a comfort food they want when they're sick. So do I. I also have a comfort drink, a comfort nightgown, a comfort blanket and a comfort movie.

My comfort food is mashed potatoes. Right at this moment I'm sending telepathic messages to Todd in hopes that he'll come back from guitar lessons with some Cotton Patch mashed potatoes. Macaroni and cheese will also do if no mashed potatoes are available.

My comfort drink is a mixed strawberry and Coke Icee. My mom used to bring these to me when I was sick as a kid. They're the perfect (temporary) cure for a sore throat. When I'm sick, I prefer for Icees to be brought to me without me having to ask for them. This almost never happens.

My comfort nightgown is an old, faded red knit gown. It's long sleeved and comes down to my ankles. On the front, it has a little picture of a Scottie dog wearing a plaid vest. I've had it for at least 10 years. It's not a pretty sight, folks. But it's a dear friend.

My comfort blanket is a patchwork quilt we got at a wedding shower. Several of the patches are coming apart at the seams. But it's the perfect weight for a sick person. You know how when you're sick, you're cold, then you're hot, and a heavy blanket is just too much? This one is just right.

My comfort movie is "The First Wives Club." Not exactly a classic, I know. But it's funny every time I watch it, and it reminds me of my best friends. I have it on VHS, and our VCR isn't hooked up, so I guess this time I'll have to forego this comfort. Oh well. Guess that means I get a double batch of mashed potatoes instead.

So, am I the only one? Or does anyone else have a list like this?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My daughter is a complete animal lover. She's not the least bit afraid of cats or dogs and will usually try to hug or kiss any animal she gets close to. We have a cat who lives outside, but he sneaks in at least once a day. I can usually find the two of them somewhere in the house together, sometimes curled up on her bed. So, part of me would really love to have an animal in the house, just for Finley's sake. But I just don't understand how to have an animal in the house. We used to have cats in the house before we had kids and it was a big disaster. (Shelly can attest to this, because she once sat right in a puddle of cat pee at my house. Plus, after we put the cats out of the house, my mom told me my house smelled like cats when they were inside. That info would have been more useful earlier.) All I can think of is chewed up furniture, ruined carpet, and...you know...the smell. So, pet lovers, how do you do it? How is it possible to have an animal in the house without a huge mess?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Here he is, folks. Six years ago, I met this little guy. I knew when I saw his face, I was in for an adventure, but I really had no idea what that meant. To be honest, I was terrified at the idea of having a little boy. I had no idea what being a mother to a little boy would be like. Well, six years later, I can honestly say...

I have a more extensive knowledge of superheroes than any other woman I know.

I have a jar in my cabinet with holes punched in the lid in
case a four legged or six legged or eight legged critter wanders by.

I got more bloody noses and busted lips in the first 3 years of his life than in my whole life up to that point.

I know the life cycles of caterpillars, flies, spiders, beetles,
fleas, frogs and jellyfish.

I have learned to never, ever say the words, "You're bleeding."

I have been asked to sing the theme from "SpongeBob Square
Pants" as a bedtime song.

I've made enough capes and masks to last a lifetime.

I have memorized the words of the The Big Red Barn and
Where the Wild Things Are.

I've wondered how I ever lived without all the kisses and hugs
I get from him every day.

I've marveled at the way his eyes crinkle up when he laughs.

I've asked myself, "What did I do all day long before I had him?"

Here's the thing I've learned about little boys...they grow on you. So here's to you, Jonah, my love. Thank you for all you've taught me, and continue to teach me every day.

You are human boy, my young friend.

A human boy.

O glorious to be a human boy!...

O running stream of sparkling joy

To be a soaring human boy!

-Charles Dickens