Friday, August 08, 2008

First of all, at about 4:30 Friday morning, I had a terrible nightmare. There was a little girl who kept pointing at my wedding ring, shaking her head. Because of this, I leaned over to the nun and whispered, "Sister, this child is of the devil." The nun freaked out. Then, I started talking in a really deep, scary, and comical voice (think "redrum"). Then I woke up, but had a really hard time going back to sleep.

I woke up for real at 7:45. We all started getting ready, because Todd had to work ON HIS DAY OFF. Todd's dad called and asked if we had been to the "donut parlor" and since we hadn't, he offered to bring the kids some donuts.
Once the kids had finished the donuts, we got our shoes on to leave. I spent a good 15 minutes looking for my keys, only to finally find them in my purse.
We headed out to see my mom and dad. My mom had made sausage jambalaya and it was GOOD. I mean, IT WAS GOOD, y'all.

My parents watched Finley while I took Jonah to get his hair cut. The lady who cut it kept calling him Joshua. That's a new one. People usually call him Noah. Actually most people call him Jonah. But if they're going to get it wrong, they say Noah.

We went and picked up Todd and headed up to the mall to play some "Lunar Mini Golf." I have to say, I was astounded by the price. Granted, I haven't played much mini golf (or putt putt, as I like to call it) since they closed down King Putt about 18 years ago. So I was expecting to pay around $2 per person. Nope. It was $8 per person. For an extra dollar, they threw in some glow-in-the-dark necklaces. Todd wore his as a headband.

Turns out, mini golf is a lot sweatier that I remember. It was hot in there, y'all. And another thing...I assumed with a name like Lunar Mini Golf, there would be some space ships and stuff in there. Again, nope. One side of the room had sea creatures, and the other had jungle animal. Go figure.

After golf, we headed home. Finley fell asleep in the car, and I was looking forward to a little nap myself. But when we got home, our power was out. So we laid Finley down, called in the power outage, and tried to decide if it was too hot to stay home. I suggested Todd go get us some ice cream, to help "beat the heat." Finley then revealed to us that she wasn't really sleeping, just cat napping. So she went with Todd to get ice cream, even though by then, the power was back on.

I ate my ice cream, then I ate my dinner. We fed the kids, then Jonah enjoyed a root beer float while he watched Garfield. I personally can't believe they even still make Garfield movies. In my mind, it's along the same lines as Alf. That boat has sailed, y'all.

Todd bathed the kids (thank you dear) and then we put them to bed. I was going to read but I couldn't find my book. So I went to bed.


Melissa Lee said...

Two things:

1. Quit saying "Y'all."

2. I miss you.

Oh wait, three things:

3. Thank you for the reminder of the Zodiac Killer. That made my whole day. And who can say the Zodiac Killer ever made their whole day??


Sharon said...

Melissa shouldn't be so hard on you, Kristen. You're from Texas and obligated to say ya'll.

Glad your power came back on. This heat is tough enough WITH air much less no a/c.

Hope ya'll have a great day,

Sharon Johnson

Todd Wright said...

Oh...your dreams. I think I like them better when you write them out.

When you tell them to me in person they seem about 4 hours long.

Luv ya!

Rachel said...

1. I think with the y'alls you sound a little like Paula Dean.
2. I wouldv'e been quite disappointed by the price of putt-putt.
3. I would wake up too if I new ice cream was in my near future! Good goin' Finley.

Kacie said...

-ok, the part about most people calling Jonah, Noah was hilarious. Glad you cleared that up for us.

-Lunar Mini golf is a HUGE rip off, in my opinion

-I'm still a little spooked about the girl from the devil and the nun. Unlike Todd, I think I would prefer the 4 hour version. I'm having a laughing spell right now imagining myself watching you intensely as you tell it much like if I were watching a scary movie that I'd already watched too long to turn off......whew, laughing spell is over now (it is nearly 3:00am...... dang, I'm an idiot)


-I did notice the excessive use of the word y'all, but it wouldn't make much sense for you to type yous or you guys if that's not how you talk. It's funny that the english language doesn't have a good single word for "you" plural. I guess we could replace y'all with "everybody," but that would eventually turn into e'body and then where would we be?....ok I'm rambling now, time for bed.

Sarah J. said...

I liked all the yalls and I like reading your blog!
Sarah J.